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These images show the results of using MEL Scripting to automate a variety of antenna designs.  The MEL script utilizes global variables to set up a user interface that easily allows a user to customize a unique antenna.



The above image is an example of varation in shape type, radius, rotation, and scale.

User Interface

The above image is the user interface that gives the user parameters to customize an object's unique name, shape type, radius per segment, rotation angle, and overall scale.


Making an antenna switch statement based on returned values from buttonAction()

Procedure: buttonAction()

This procedure allows variables to be transferred from the UI.  If and While statements are used to limit rage for parameter sliders, along with them being used for a naming validation checker for objects being created with inappropriate contained characters.

Procedure - Antennas (e. Sphere Tail)

Above shows a procedure example of a shape type Sphere tail. 

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